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Private Dental College in Maharashtra - SPDCH

Teaching Hospital - Sharad Pawar Dental College & Hospital (NABH Accredited Hospital)
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Sharad Pawar Dental College and Hospital, established in 1991 and recognized by the Dental Council of India, stands as the pinnacle of dental education in Maharashtra. As one of the premier private dental colleges in the region, SPDCH has carved a niche for itself in the dental education landscape, offering unparalleled education and training in dentistry. with the best institutes in the world, it also has the largest Maxillofacial Surgery setup in Central India.

Our dedication to excellence and contributions to dental education and patient care is reflected in our status as one of the most sought-after private dental colleges in Maharashtra.

Academic Programs Offered

Sharad Pawar Dental College and Hospital is celebrated for its academic excellence, having earned numerous awards and laurels on both national and international stages. We offer a wide range of academic programs, including undergraduate, postgraduate, Fellowship, and Doctoral (PhD) programs, each designed to meet the highest academic and research standards.

This commitment to excellence cements SPDCH's status as one of the best dental colleges in Maharashtra, nurturing a legacy of outstanding dental professionals equipped to lead the future of dental care.

Certification Courses

At SPDCH, we offer a variety of certification courses aimed at enhancing the skills and competencies of dental professionals. These courses cover advanced areas like implantology, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics, enabling practitioners to upgrade their expertise and provide state-of-the-art dental services to their patients. Each course is conducted by experienced professionals and is structured to provide hands-on training along with theoretical knowledge.

Faculty and Research

Our faculty comprises distinguished educators and researchers, many of whom are recognized leaders in their respective fields. The faculty at SPDCH is committed to advancing dental science through rigorous research and innovation. Our research programs focus on areas such as biomaterials, oral cancer, and preventive dentistry, contributing significantly to the scientific community and improving clinical practices worldwide.

Infrastructure and Facilities

The infrastructure and facilities at SPDCH are a testament to the institution's commitment to providing a world-class educational environment. Home to the largest Maxillofacial Surgery setup in Central India, we boast over 350+ dental chairs, well-curated museums, and comprehensive departmental libraries, ensuring an enriching learning experience for our students.

This remarkable infrastructure positions SPDCH among the top private dental colleges in Maharashtra, offering students and faculty state-of-the-art resources for teaching, learning, and research.

Student Life and Support Services

At the core of SPDCH's mission is the provision of affordable, quality-centric dental care. Our distinctiveness lies in our extensive outreach and rural healthcare initiatives to extend dental care to underprivileged communities. Collaborations with government funding agencies and projects like the RBSK, MJPJAY, and Smile Train Project amplify our impact, providing essential dental services to those in need.

Accreditation by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) underscores SPDCH's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of care, positioning it among the leading private dental colleges in Maharashtra dedicated to community service and excellence in healthcare.

Admission Process

Admission to SPDCH is the first step towards building a career in dentistry. We welcome aspirants who are dedicated to advancing their education and wish to make a significant impact in healthcare. Our admission process is meticulously designed to select candidates who demonstrate a strong academic foundation, a passion for dentistry, and a commitment to excellence.

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Dr.  Manoj Chandak, Dean SPDC
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Qualification: BDS, MDS, Fellowship

DOB: 04 / 07 / 1970

Address : Sharad Pawar Dental College & Hospital, Sawangi (M), Wardha

Office: 07152 – 287701 TO 06

Residence: +919822693276

Mobile: +919822693276


Dr. Alka H. Hande, Vice-dean SPDC
picture-of-alka-h-hande-spdch-dental college

Qualification: BDS, MDS, Ph.D., Fellowship

DOB: 20/06/1967

Address: Ramnagar,Wardha-442001

Office: 07152 – 287701 to 06

Residence: +9226789200

Mobile: +9226789200


DR. VIDYA LOHE, Dean, Faculty of Dentistry
picture-of-vidya-lohe-spdch-dental college

Qualification: MDS, MPhil, PhD, Dept of Oral Medicine & Radiology

DOB: 01-03-1969

Address: Dean-Faculty of Dental Sciences, Oral Medicine & Radioloigy , Sharad Pawar Dental College and Hospital, Sawangi (Meghe), Wardha

Office: 07152 – 287701 to 06

Residence: +(91) 9960445040

Mobile: +(91) 9960445040