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Consultancy Areas

Consultancy Provided By DMIHER (Deemed To Be University)

Title Collaborative funding agency
Competency Building in Medical Education Technology Medical Council of India, GOI
Competency Building of District Epidemiologist of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra National Health System Resource Center, GOI
Competency Building of Medical Officers of PHC in the Revised National TB Control Program District Integrated Health and Family Welfare Society, Wardha
Competency Building of NGOs / CBOs in Basics of STIs/HIV/AIDS & Sex and sexuality (Nodal agency) Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society, Mumbai NACO Delhi, AVERT Society Mumbai
Competency Building of ASHA District TB Society, Wardha
Competency building of Medical Officer in Mental Health Sangath, Goa Sir Dorabji Tata Trust
Development of Mental Health Nursing Home under MHA 1987 Mahavir Dal Hospital, Dr. Amit Bansal, Karnal, Haryana
Quality Assurance for RCH Program in Maharashtra NRHM Maharashtra

Department of Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana

Agency Nature of Consultancy
Godavari Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Works Civil Lines, Washim 1. To provide technical assistance in the development of Ayurvedic formulations.
2. To assist in providing the analysis of the drugs prepared.
Vatsalya pharmacy MIDC Aurangabad 1. To conduct clinical trials of the drugs manufactured in vatsalya Pharmacy.
2. To conduct camps & other health-related activities in the area of jurisdiction of vatsalya Pharmacy.
Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research Borgaon (M) Wardha 1. Instrumentation
2. Pharmacological Application

Department of Dravyaguna

Herbal Garden (Bhavmishra Vatika)
  1. Providing sapling of medicinal plants
  2. Guiding & motivating farmers for cultivation of medicinal plants
  3. Providing authenticated medicinal plants for research purposes
  4. Provide expert guidance for the identification of herbal plants.
  5. Creating awareness for the use of medicinal plants.