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About Us


School of Advanced Studies offers need-based fellowship courses targeted towards competency and skill enhancement for postgraduates in various health disciplines. The efforts are made to focus on emerging areas, so that students can be trained in locally useful and globally relevant health disciplines.


The National Educational Policy 2020 advocates:

Stand-alone health science universities shall aim to become multidisciplinary institutions offering holistic and multidisciplinary education as well as organically evolve into institutions/clusters offering both seamlessly and in an integrated manner by 2030

In view of this mandate of the National Policy, vision of the school is to become a centre of excellence to produce scholars in need based locally useful globally relevant academic and interdisciplinary courses with the focus on skill enhancement upholding Scientific and ethical principles.

Highlights of the Fellowship Programme Offered By the School of Advanced Studies

  • Research Workshop
  • Research Project
  • Skill training opportunities with Focus on Competency based learning/ Virtual Lab
  • E-portfolio
  • Externship at Centers of Excellence

To incorporate the best practices of all streams for the purpose of improvement of healthcare, SOAS has undertaken various fellowships under the Faculty of Medicine (22), Faculty of Dentistry (8), Faculty of Physiotherapy (3), Faculty of Ayurveda (2), Faculty of Nursing (4) and Faculty of Interdisciplinary Sciences (5) and is open to many more in years to come.

Faculty of Medicine
  • Fellowship in Interventional Radiology

  • Fellowship in Cardiac Anesthesia

  • Fellowship in Gynaec Endoscopy 

  • Fellowship in Infertility

  • Fellowship in Gynecological Oncology

  • Fellowship in Spine

  • Fellowship in Geriatric Medicine

  • Fellowship in Critical care

  • Fellowship in Pain Management

  • Fellowship in Neuro-Anesthesia

  • Fellowship in Neonatal Intensive Care

  • Fellowship In Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery

  • Fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry

  • Fellowship in Learning disability and Neurodevelopmental disorder

  • Fellowship in Otology

  • Fellowship in Endoscopic sinus and Skull base Surgery

  • Fellowship in Cytopathology

  • Fellowship in Clinical Hematology

  • Fellowship in Oncopathology

  • Fellowship in Laboratory Medicine

  • Fellowship in Infection Control practices

  • Fellowship in Clinical Embryology

Faculty of Dentistry
  • Fellowship in Immuno-Histochemistry

  • Fellowship in Microendodontics

  • Fellowship in Cleft Orthodontics

  • Fellowship in Oral Oncology

  • Fellowship in Cleft and Craniofacial surgery

  • Fellowship in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics

  • Fellowship in Esthetic Dentistry

  • Fellowship in Maxillofacial Trauma

Faculty of Physiotherapy
  • Fellowship in Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Fellowship in Manual Physical Therapy

Faculty of Ayurveda
  • Fellowship in Panchkarma

  • Fellowship in Ayurveda Oncology

Faculty of Nursing
  • Fellowship in Evidenced based nursing

Faculty of Interdisciplinary Sciences
  • Fellowship in Occupational and Environmental medicine

  • Fellowship in Bioethics

  • Fellowship in Neurophysiology

  • Fellowship in Ethno pharmacology

  • Fellowship in Palliative Care

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Dr. Shraddha Jain, Director School of Advanced Studies (SOAS)

Professor: (ENT), JNMC 

Director : School of Advanced Studies

Contact Details:Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Surgery, JNMC, DMIHER (DU) Incharge, Vertigo & Neuro-Otology Unit & Skull-Base Surgery Unit


Email :

Sr. No. Name of the Member Designation Email
1 Dr. Shraddha Jain Director, School of Advanced Studies DMIHER(DU)
2 Dr. Ashish Anjankar Member Secretary, School of Advanced Studies DMIHER(DU)

Core Committee SOAS

Name of the Member Designation
Dr. Vedprakash Mishra, D.Sc Pro-Chancellor & Chief Mentor & Professor Emeritus
Dr. Lalitbhushan Waghmare, Ph.D Vice Chancellor & Mentor, SOAS
 Dr. Shraddha Jain, Ph.D Director, SOAS
Dr. Gaurav V. Mishra PhD

Pro VC, Interdisciplinary Sciences

Dr. Ashish Anjankar, MD

Member Secretary, SOAS

Dr Sandhya Pajai MD

Fellowship Coordinator, Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Archana Thool, MS Fellowship Coordinator, Faculty of Medicine
Dr. Pallavi Daigavane, PhD

Fellowship Coordinator, Faculty of Dentistry
Editor, Journal of School of Advanced Studies

Dr. Sharayu Belkhode, MDS Fellowship Coordinator, Faculty of Dentistry
Dr. Roshna  Bhutada, MD

Fellowship Coordinator, Faculty of Ayurveda
Co-Editor, Journal of School of Advanced Studies

Mrs. RuchiraAnkar, M.Sc. Fellowship Coordinator, Faculty of Nursing
Dr. Pratik Phansopkar M.PTh. Fellowship Coordinator, Faculty of Physiotherapy