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Contact Us


Sawangi (Meghe), Wardha- 442107, Maharashtra, India

Email :


(07152) - 287701, 287702, 287703, 287704, 287705, 287706


For More Information

Call Center Landline No. (0712) 3521201, 3521202

Admission Inquiry - 9513252330

Guesthouse Details


Mr. Pravin Meghe (M): 9503483047

Mrs. Umare (M): 9146251022

Email ID:

Facilities Available

Air conditioner, Television, Fridge, Room services (Snacks, High Tea, Lunch, Dinner available)

  • First Preference will be given to the examiners and the guests of the DMIHER(DU)

  • If the rooms are vacant, room accommodation will be provided to parents only

  • No outsiders are permitted

Room Tariff

Rs: 2240/- Per day with AC Double occupancy

Bank Details for Depositing Room Charges

Name of Bank: Punjab National Bank, Sawangi (M), Wardha

Account Number: 0467022100001285

Title of Account: Health Club