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Academic Council

Composition as per UGC Resulation 2023  Members nominated
1. Vice Chancellor
Chairperson (Ex-officio)
  • Hon.  Dr. Lalitbhushan Waghmare
2. Pro Vice-Chancellor
  • Hon. Dr. Gaurav Mishra
3. Dean (S) of Faculties
  • Dr Alka Rawekar, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Vidya Lohe, Faculty of Dentistry
  • Dr. Anita Wanjari, Faculty of Ayurvedic Sciences
  • Dr. Jaya Gawai, Faculty of Nursing Sciences,
  • Dr. Raghuveer Raghumahanti, Faculty of Physiotherapy
  • Dr. Shubhada Gade, Facutty oflnterdisciplinary Health Sciences
  • Dr. Pallavi Diagavane, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
  • Dr, Utkarsha Pacharanev, Faculty ofEngineering & Technology
  • Dr. Deepak Khobragade, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Dr. Pankajkumar Anawade, Faculty of Commerce and Management
  • Dr. Chitra Dhawle, Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Dr. Abhyuday Meghe, Faculty of Humanities, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
4. Heads of the Departments or
  • Dean, JNMC- Dr. Abhay Gaidhane,
  • Dean, DMMC Off Campus, Wanadongri- Dr. Ujwal Gajbe,
  • Dean,SPDC - Dr. Manoj Chandak
  • Principal, MGACH&RC' Dr. Vaishali Kuchewar
  • Principal, RNPC - Dr, Irshad Qureshi
  • Principal, SRMMCON -Dr Vaishali Taksande
  • Dean, FEAT, Dr. KTV Reddy
  • Principal, DMCP- Dr. Anil Pethe
  • Dean, School of Allied Health Sciences, Dr. Sunil Thitame
  • Principal SMCON, Wardha -Dr, Ranjana Sharma
  • Principal SMCON, Nagpur, Dr Nilima Rakshale
  • Director CDOE (Officiatine) - Dr. Chhitij Raj
5. Up to ten Professors (excluding
Deans and heads) by rotation 
  • Dr. B R Singh -Prof. DMMC
  • Dr. Sonali Choudhary-Prof. Community Medicine-JNMC
  • Dr. Sourya Acharya, Prof. }NMC
  • Dr. Anjali Borle, Prof. SPDC
  • Dr. Renu Rathi, Prof. MGAC
  • Dr. Vishnu Vardhan- Prof. -RNPC
  • Dr. Archana Maurya-Prof. SRMMCON
  • Dr. Rajendra Rewatkar-Prof. FEAT
  • Dr. Surendra Agarwal-Prof. DMCOP
  • Dr. Deepak Sharma-Prof-SAS
6. Up to five Associate Professors from departments other than heads or by centres rotation
  • Dr. Vandana Tomey- Asso. Prof. DMMC
  • Dr. Sharayu Nimonkar, Asso. Prof.-SPDC
  • Dr. Lajwanti Lalwani-Asso. Prof. RNPC
  • Dr. Pooja Kasturkar-Asso. Prof, SRMMCON
  • Dr. Amit Gudhade-Asso. Prof-FEAT
7. Up to five Assistant Professors from departments or centres other than heads by rotation
  • Dr. Tripti Thakre-Asst. Prof. MGAC
  • Ms. Deepika Kanyal- Asst. Prof. AHS
  • Ms. Supriya Narad-Asst. Prof.-SAS
  • Dr. Michael S. Asst. Prof. CDOE
  • Ms. Gayatri Chopra, Asst. Prof. FEAT
8. Six persons of repute from education or sPecialized knowledge fields nominated bY the Vice-Chancello
  • Dr. Nirupama Gupta, Dean, SMS&R, Prof. Anatomy, Sharda University, Noida.
  • Dr. Sabita Ram, Professor Emeritus, MGM Dental College & Hospital, Navi Mumbai
  • Dr. Santanu Dhara, Prof, IIT Kharagpur.
  • Dr. Harshala Sharma [Rajurkar), Prof. & Principal, Datta Meghe Ayurved College, Hospital & Research Centre, Wanadongri
  • Dr. Sanjay Dhoble, Dept. of Physics, RTMNU, Nagpur
  • Dr. Vaishali Mohite, Principal, Krishna Institute of Nursing, Karad
9. The Registrar - ex-officio Secretary
  • Dr. Sweta Kale Pisulkar
10. Controller of Examination - Permanent invitee
  • Dr. Sunita Vagha
  • Hon. Chief Advisor - Dr. Vedprakash Mishra -
  • Chief Coordinator' Dr. S.S. Patel
  • Director Gen. Admin.- Dr. Rajiv Borle
  • Executive Director, DMIHER Global- Dr' Sandeep Shrivastava
  • Executive Director, R & D- Dr. Zahir Quazi
  • Executive Director, (Quality AssuranceJ Academic Excellence - Dr. Tripti Waghmare
  • Director SHER- Dr. Vaibhav Anjankar
  • Director School of Advanced Learning- Dr. Rizwan Gilani